Sometimes even when everything is falling apart there’s small victories. Those victories must be celebrated and not minimized. It’s what pushes us forward and keeps us hopeful for the future no matter how dark it seems. in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

So many people ask me how I can continue to do the work I do. It’s heartbreaking, it’s depressing and it’s heavy. But the reason I do this is first of all, because it’s important, but because I refuse to give up hope that things can get better. And I’m not done hoping yet.

Change is one of the most constant things in the world. Things are always changing. The sun and moon change their positions. The seasons change. We change. These can be positive or negative changes, but what matters is how we react to the changes.

Keeping hope isn’t an easy thing. It never has or will be. When things are bad, it’s easy to give up or think it’s over. It’s easy to think death is a good way out of all of it. But death isn’t the end of pain, it’s the transference of pain to others.

Hope may be so small it might be overlooked. Sometimes it’s hard to see through the pain, but hope will always be there waiting to be seen with the knowledge that it’s coming.

And when it’s found, it’s something to be celebrated. One more day has passed, one more small victory, one more celebration can be had. Celebrate small victories. Rejoice and be hopeful for the next one! I know it’s out there, like a wave waiting to reach the shore. It’s coming. Be patient. Stay hopeful.


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